17 December 2020

9 Best Ways to Make Your Home More Energy-efficient

Living in an energy-efficient home is a unique feeling itself, and making your home energy efficient has a plethora of benefits. To make homes energy-efficient, many measures are taken by UK authorities to save energy, also at the same time saving the atmosphere, water, and other form of pollution along…Read more..
11 December 2020

Dry-Lining or Internal Wall Insulation –Understanding Home Insulation

Many people are not familiar with the term dry-lining wall insulation. In short, the process of internal insulation which is also known as dry lining walls insulation involves fixing insulation to the inner surfaces of your external walls and covering it with a vapor-like material barrier layer and plasterboard. The…Read more..
4 December 2020

All that you Need to Know about Double Glazing Windows

The concept of double glazing is making a buzz in the industry sometimes now. It is because installing or upgrading double glazing of your home can not only reduce your energy bills but also help to look your home cleaner, greener, more peaceful, and energy-efficient. This will also contribute a…Read more..
25 November 2020

Green Homes Grant Scheme: Everything you need to know

What is the Green Home Grant Scheme? The green home grant scheme is initiated for those homeowners who are seeking financial help to insulate their house in other words who are in the quest of fixing insulation in their home to cut their electricity bills and make their home cozy…Read more..
19 November 2020

External Wall Insulation – Facts that you Need to Know

The Sustainable Energy Authority of the United Kingdom has launched an energy-saving program plan with a mission of transforming the UK into a society based on sustainable energy structures, technologies, and practices, and a vision of making the UK a recognized global leader in sustainable energy. There are now various cost-effective energy-saving opportunities…Read more..