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Energy Efficient Doors

Keep your home warm by replacing your old outside doors. One of the most common issues with old doors, is that the materials are often not optimised to keep heat in your homes. There may also be a significant gap between the door and its frame allowing a cold draught to come through. Energy efficient doors are rated using a Door Set Energy Rating (DSER) where a value of A++ is extremely efficient and E inefficient.


A modern door with a high DSER will usually be made from fibreglass, vinyl, wood, or other materials that are poor conductors of heat and insulators. If a window is present in the door, ensure these are double glazed so the gap of air or gas in between the glass panes acts as an insulator. It is also important for your new energy efficient door to fit securely in its frame.


Alongside making your home more comfortable, fitting a new door will also enable you to improve your home’s appearance and increase its security. Replacing your internal doors will not have the same benefits as replacing a door that opens to the outside air. It is however still important to close internal doors especially if some rooms aren’t heated.



  • Reduce energy bills
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Improve security of your house and aesthetics at the same time

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