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Make informed energy efficient decisions with an energy performance certificate (EPC).


Measuring the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial property, EPCs are not only great to let you know what the energy efficiency of your property is at the moment but also lets you know what it could be if you were to implement suggested changes. When getting an EPC, your property will be given a rating from A, very efficient, to G, very inefficient, and the certificate will last for ten years.

Every EPC includes an estimated current and potential energy cost over the next three years broken down into three categories: lighting, heating and hot water. It’s important to note that these costs and savings are based on a typical household and not tailored to you. In reality the costs will most likely be a bit higher as an EPC does not include the use of home appliances such as kettles or refrigerators.

Each of your properties features, such as walls, floors, heating systems and more will be given an independent rating which can help you better identify areas that may need to be invested in. EPCs will also include a list of recommended changes you could make to improve the energy efficiency of your home and how much costs you could save. The suggested changes range from installing better wall insulation to opting for energy efficient light bulbs, and can therefore help tenants to make some small improvements.



  • Easy to get
  • Identify key areas that need to be improved which in turns prevents you
  • spending money on areas in your house that may already be energy efficient
  • Identify which potential changes could be supported through the Green Deal finance
  • Needed if you want to put your property on the market

For a list of approved EPC organisations in England and Wales and to view the energy performance certificate register, visit Landmark


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With quality support and up-to-date expertise at our forefront, we are here to help you get the most out of your home. Extensive experience in sustainable construction has made us specialists in highly engineered and environmentally friendly property solutions, therefore making the sustainable choice easy.


With vast knowledge and awareness, we can suggest appropriate building improvements for your home alongside the government’s Green Home Grant Scheme. Tailored to your home and circumstances, we can offer personalised advice and guidance on where, how and when to apply for support in funding, and how this may benefit your household in the long term. We will also arrange for your chosen green home solutions to be fitted and installed to the best possible standard. To begin your journey towards a greener and more cost-effective home, sign-up today to receive more information on available grants and grant releases.