What is the Green Home Grant Scheme?

The green home grant scheme is initiated for those homeowners who are seeking financial help to insulate their house in other words who are in the quest of fixing insulation in their home to cut their electricity bills and make their home cozy and warm. The United Kingdom has some of the oldest building stock, and they are under constant pressure to lower the carbon emissions and annual energy bills of their citizens. That's why the UK government has decided to design the energy-efficient green home grant scheme. The basic motive of this plan is that the homeowners will install green energy friendly products without an upfront cost. The money utilized will be then paid through the energy bills over time.

The authorities have allocated funds for the upcoming few years to the house owners and landlords, which may help them to save around 600 Euro in their yearly bill. The green home grant eligibility criteria set by the government will be taken into account when considering applications for a green home grant scheme.

Eligibility for the Scheme

The scheme is meant to provide to those people who have certain income-related advantages and living in homes that are badly insulated or to those who do not have a working basic heating system in their house. To reap the benefits of the scheme, either you should have your own home or you should have to rent it from a private landlord.

Remember, the scheme is only available in the United Kingdom and endeavors to help around 100,000 households in the upcoming years.

Those homeowners are eligible for the scheme who are awarded:

  1. Pension credit or any income-related employment and assistance fee.
  • Income support or income-based employment seeker's allowance
  • Support in the assessment stage of the green home grant scheme
  • A pensioner premium or the disability or severe disability.

Besides the qualifying benefits listed above, the property you live in must also be poorly insulated and or not have a working central heating system at the time of assessment to be eligible for the scheme.

Once your application will meet the norms set by the government, then an engineer will visit your home and will measure the energy efficiency of your home with the use of a standard assessment procedure which will be the same as if properties are issues with an energy performance certificate. A list of recommendations will be prepared by the assessor to rectify which areas of your home need insulation.

How can you benefit?

  • There are no additional charges associated with the insulation process, therefore homeowners can afford to install money-saving measures and making savings immediately.
  • Once you will fix the home insulation, you will experience lower annual electricity bills while paying back the cost of the installations. 
  • What's more, there is not any type of conventional loam involve in the green home grant scheme as the compensations are bound to the bills which are bound to your property. Hence, the homeowner will be entirely liable for the repayments and the savings.

What energy saving products are available through the Green Home grant scheme?

Just some many products and services available include under this scheme are

Grants are available for improvements such as

  1. The loft of your home.
  2. Cutting energy costs in the draught-exclusion.
  3. cavity wall insulation
  4. Insulation of boiling water tank of your home.
  5. Under the green home grant scheme, the solid-fuel free fire can be converted to a glass-fronted fire.
  6. Also, the replacement of doors which are fitted before 2002.
  7. Boiler replacement and double glazing can be done under scheme.
  8. Cavity wall insulation and solar panels will be insulated under green home grant scheme
  9. Green lighting systems and under-floor heating can also be heated as a part of this plan
  10. Hot water control and water source heat pumps insulation.

How does the scheme it works?

Under the green home grant scheme, the government authorities provide funds to private contractors or companies and help them to supply with the capital for installations, and allowing them to offer loans to people who own property.

So the first step of the home insulation seeker should be to find out a certified contractor and arrange an appointment with them. 

The role of the chosen advisor is to evaluate the property in question, considering current performance levels and potential improvements to complete a report which will decide whether the property meets the government norms or not. If the property's potential savings surpass the cost of the improvements, the loan will be approved. 

The next step is, the provider will create a plan which provides a detailed account of the steps that need to be taken further. This plan will be signed by the landlord before the work is started. From then onward, the owner of house can reap the advantages of a greener space.

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