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Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump functions through the transfer of outdoor air into an indoor space to heat underfloor heating, radiators or water; it uses an electric compressor system to warm the air in transit until it is at an adequate temperature to provide heating for your property. Heat pumps are extremely effective in providing household heating, being able to modify the pressure and temperature of outdoor air that is well below freezing and transform it into heat.

Air to water Heat Pump

Heat your home and water with an energy efficient ground source heat pump (GSHP).
A loop of pipes, also known as a ground loop, are buried in your garden and filled up with water and antifreeze. The flowing water/antifreeze solution absorbs heat from the earth surrounding the pipes and flows to an electric compressor system where it is slightly heated up. Heat can from there be supplied to your radiators, underfloor heating, warm air heating systems and water pumps.

ground source

Solar Thermal Systems

Use free heat from the sun to warm your water for a lower carbon footprint.
Solar thermal systems fit solar panels, also known as collectors, to your roof. Heat transfer fluid (water and antifreeze) flowing through these panels is heated by the sun and pumped to a heat exchanger inside the water tank in your home. This exchanger then heats the water inside that tank. The heat transfer liquid flows back to the solar panels once the heat is released.

Energy Efficient Windows

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with the right glazing for your windows.
Not only will it reduce draughts and cold spots, it will also insulate your home against external noise and reduce condensation. Unlike a single paned window, energy efficient windows will have a gap of air between two or three glass panes which act as an insulator making it less likely for heat to be lost to outside air. The optimum gap size is 16mm although smaller gaps may be suited in some cases.

energy window
energy doors

Energy Efficient Doors

Keep your home warm by replacing your old outside doors. One of the most common issues with old doors, is that the materials are often not optimised to keep heat in your homes. There may also be a significant gap between the door and its frame allowing a cold draught to come through. Energy efficient doors are rated using a Door Set Energy Rating (DSER) where a value of A++ is extremely efficient and E inefficient.

Hot Water Tank and Heating Controls

Easily regulate the temperature of your own home while saving energy with heating controls.Thermostats and smart heating controls (heat controls accessed on your phone), can allow for full control of the areas you wish to heat up in your home and the temperature required. A boiler thermostat, a timer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) can be used to control various heating systems. There are also a variety of suitable controls for electric heating systems on the market.

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