solid wall

Solid Wall Insulation

Approximately a third of insulated household heat is lost through the walls. Fitting a layer of solid wall insulation in your household will also save up to around 1540kg of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere every year, making an astonishing environmental difference.


Solid wall insulation can be fitted if your property is not suitable for cavity wall insulation, which is likely if your home was built before the 1920s or is structured by a steel or concrete frame. In the absence of cavities (gaps) within the walls, a layer of insulating material can be attached to the internal or external surface of your outer walls to provide an additional layer of protection, saving you up to £375 a year in heating bills.


Internal wall insulation

Internal work can be less costly than external wall insulation and can be used decoratively, offering an environmental development with a variety of benefits.

External wall insulation

Installation of external wall insulation is effective in enhancing the protective abilities of your property, keeping out rain and enforcing heat retention during colder months. You may need to seek planning permission before installing external wall insulation.

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