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9 Best Ways to Make Your Home More Energy-efficient

Living in an energy-efficient home is a unique feeling itself, and making your home energy efficient has a plethora of benefits. To make homes energy-efficient, many measures are taken by UK authorities to save energy, also at the same time saving the atmosphere, water, and other form of pollution along with preventing greenhouse effect.

In this guide, you will find the nine effective ways through which you can make your home energy efficient. However, before knowing the process of home insulation, it is vital for home owners need to know the importance of energy saving.

Why to make your home energy efficient 

The most valuable advantage of making a home which is energy efficient is that it helps you in saving energy, which is directly associated with annual bill saving. With just several simple easy steps, you can easily and simply reduce your power supply bills to a large extent. With just installing home insulation, you are not only saving plenty of energy for yourself but also doing a favour for the global population. 

A survey conducted by one of the Home Welfare Authority of UK revealed and calculated that more than 6000 KWh of power energy is consumed and used by a domestic house who are having two children on an average household. Now, allow your mind to think for a while if you can save at least 30% of your current home consumption of power and electricity, that will be around 2000 kWh/year. It seems not too much, however, if only half the people in the population doing likewise, one can only imagine the tremendous difference it can make to the world.




LED Lights

First, exchange ordinary light bulbs with LED lights. It is well known that LED Lights are more costly but their benefit is they remain up to fifty times longer than common ordinary bulbs also at the same time they use 1/7 of the total electricity.



Solar Water Heater

Install solar thermal on your roof. Saving energy with your hot water is super efficient and convenient at the same time: If there is not enough sun, your electrical / gas heater supplies your hot water.



Efficient Pool Pump

Only for houses with pool exchange your old pool pump with a high efficient new pump. You will not believe it, but the pool pump is one of the biggest energy consumers.



Solar Pool Heater

Only for houses with pool / spa) heating a pool all year long – especially in winter – consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, new energy efficient houses use solar pool heaters.



Improved Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is one component of your home’s warmth and energy-efficiency schemes. Heat can still transfer into adjoining living spaces, no matter how much insulation is in the attic. Therefore, you would have to make sure that your attic is properly insulated.



Check Duct Work

After some time duct work may be leaky and full of dust and things that do not belong there. Therefore, you should check the ducts. Otherwise, the wrong areas of your house are heated or cooled.



Stabilize Electricity

Every device – especially with a motor – needs working power to perform the work of the motor. But additionally, it needs reactive power to develop an electromagnetic field (EMFs). An EZ box stores the reactive power and thus helps to save between 10 and 40 percent of your electricity consumption.



Window Insulation

Windows cost energy in two ways: On the one hand they let the sun’s infrared light into the room warming it up. On the other hand, they cool down your house if they are not properly insulated.



Hot-Water Pipes

Properly insulated water pipes make your house more energy efficient in two ways. They keep water warmer. As a result, you get hot water quicker, so you do not have to waste much cold water. The water heater does not have to work as much as water temperature does not need to be as hot.

Home insulation seems a very tedious process, and indeed it is. If you are wondering how to streamline the process of home insulation and whether it is the right time to invest in the home insulation or not, you can contact with us. Being in the business for many years Pro Efficiency Solutions has industry’s best and well-equipment tools to better insulate your home.

Thus, by the energy saving scheme started by government, you can probably reduce your energy bills by adding more insulation in it. Our expert contractor will guarantee you all work will be done properly up to your level of satisfaction for an extended period if required. We do not mind revisiting your home if the work does not satisfy you. Contact us for the best quotation!